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Admissions for the 2017/2018 academic year closed

Admissions to all full- and part-time first-, long-, second-, and third-cycle study programmes beginning in the 2017/2018 academic year at the Jagiellonian University is now closed.

Over 46,000 registrations have been made during this year's admissions with nearly 17,000 candidates enrolled, including 668 national olympiads and competitions honoured at JU laureates and finalists. The most popular fields of study were,:

  • law,
  • medical doctor and
  • psychology,

the most popular field of study among candidates, attracting, respectively, almost 13 and 12 applictions per place:

  • medical doctor and doctor of dental medicine programme,
  • Japanese studies,
  • veterinary studies

We have dealt with affairs of 950 foreigners—more than in any of the previous years (350 candidates more compared to 2015).

We would like to heartily congratulate all new students of our Alma Mater and we would like to wish you an inspiring time spent in Krakow, full of acquiring precious knowledge, finding your passions, and meeting new friends.

We would also like to invite all prospective candidates to browse the 2018/2019 study offer at the Online Application System website in the catalogue 2018/2019 part of the site. The admissions schedule for next cycle will be published later this year. More information on admission can also be found here.

Published Date: 12.10.2017
Published by: Małgorzata Kozik