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Partial refund of the application fee and other overpayments

All candidates who applied for admission in the 2017/2018 admissions eligible for overpayment refunds can now fill out their bank account details forms in their OAS accounts allowing for receiving a refund.

Please remember that only the following payments can be refunded:

  • overpayments made by mistake, i.e. amount exceeding 75 PLN (or 18 EUR, or 25 USD – if you paid using those currencies) of the application fee assigned to the registration,
  • application fees paid in admission procedure to programmes that were not opened,
  • application fees paid for registrations cancelled before the registration period closed in given application round for the programme,
  • application fees made late, after the “Registration and application fee payment” deadline has passed, resulting in not confirming registration, and
  • 15 PLN partial application fee refund, if candidate has chosen electronic way of document delivery in the “decision delivery” form in their OAS account.

No other payments are eligible for refund.

Persons eligible for refunds should log into their OAS accounts at and proceed to the “overpayment refund” form available in the left sidebar menu. They must fill out the form by Friday, 10 October 2017 by midnight and confirm it.

If you cannot access your OAS account, please use the “Retrieve password” link in the upper right corner at or contact the JU Department of Admissions.


  • Refunds may only be made by bank transfer to an account held in Polish zloty (PLN).
  • Refunds may be made to an account registered in candidates name or in name of another person, if they provide their details in the form.

Candidates who fill out and confirm the “overpayment refund” form will be notified about the date of the refund transfer in a separate notification in their OAS account.

Published Date: 07.11.2017
Published by: Małgorzata Kozik