Delivering decisions electronically

Each admission procedure is officially closed by issuing an administrative decision (you can think of this document as a letter of acceptance or denial of acceptance). Typically, such decisions are delivered by registered mail with receipt. Producing, signing, sending and delivering decisions to all candidates takes up to 3 or 4 weeks. Since 2011, the Jagiellonian University uses the ePUAP Platform to allow candidates to receive their administrative decisions quicker and online.

To receive your decision electronically, you need to complete the following steps:

  • create an individual account on the ePUAP Platform (,
  • obtain an ePUAP Trusted Profile or a qualified electronic signature, and
  • complete the declaration form in your OAS account.

Why should I choose the electronic way of documents delivery?

  • The waiting period for receiving the document confirming the outcome of your application is shorter: it should reach you within a few hours from its issuance and signing.
  • Reduced application fee: if you receive decisions sent electronically, your application fee will be discounted by 15 PLN. (Please note that discount only applies to payment in PLN. Refunds will be made to the bank account you name after the admission period at the JU closes—usually in November.)

How to use ePUAP?

To use the electronic way of decision delivery:

  1. create an account on the ePUAP Platform (,
  2. obtain a Trusted Profile: free of charge service allowing for electronic identity authentication,
  3. enter your ePUAP box address or email linked with ePUAP account—typically the inbox address looks like this: /username/domyslna or /username/skrytka. You can also use the email address used for setting up the ePUAP account.

If you are a user of secure electronic signature verified by means of valid qualified certificate, you do not need a Trusted Profile.

How can I confirm my Trusted Profile (eGO)?

A Trusted Profile is a reliable, official authentication method and as such needs to be confirmed in person in one of the authorized points such as municipality office (urząd miasta), voivodeship office (urząd wojewódzki), tax office (urząd skarbowy), Social Insurance Institution office (oddział ZUS), consulate (konsulat) etc. Full, updated list of all Trusted Profile authorization points in your city may be found here.

Trusted Profile (eGO) you can also confirm without leaving home by using:

  1. Polish bank accounts:
    • PKOBP
    • Bank ING
    • Bank Millennium
  2. Envelo » Polish Post via internet. To do this you need a Trusted Envelo Account.

ePUAP for non-Polish citizens

Foreign citizens applying for studies at the Jagiellonian University can also receive all documents relevant to their admission process using ePUAP. To do so, they should, just as Polish citizens, create and ePUAP account (, and obtain a Trusted Profile, if they do not have a secure electronic signature verified by means of valid qualified certificate.

Please note that a good command of Polish language is advised for setting up your account, and a PESEL number is required for obtaining your Trusted Profile. PESEL identification numbers are given to all non-Polish citizens who are granted a residence permit for more than 3 months (fixed-term or long-term) in the Republic of Poland.

If you have any problems with creating an ePUAP account or receiving your decision:

Please see your guide and instructions available on the OAS website.