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Collegium Novum
ul. Gołębia 24, r. 18
31-007 Kraków, Poland

+48 12 663 14 01, -14 08, -14 41

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Mon 10 am—4 pm
Tue-Fri 8 am—4 pm

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About us

We are an administration unit responsible for organising and carrying out admission processes at the Jagiellonian University. The Online Application System (OAS), created from scratch for the purposes of the JU has been the main platform for the JU admissions for over ten years and is now used for admissions for almost all of the programmes held at the JU.

The main task of the Admissions Office is the preparation of the rules for the admission processes and their daily management, resulting in the efficient run of the admissions each year.

We focus on the comprehensive organisation of the admissions and on providing all related services: starting with preparing all university legal acts that regard admissions as well as creating the internal procedures on basis of which the admissions are organised in the given year, carrying out spring trainings for the JU employees involved in the admissions in their faculties (especially members of the faculty admissions boards), maintaining and developing the OAS as well as keeping information presented in it up-to-date, finally: responding daily to numerous questions regarding admissions. The Jagiellonian University is very popular with candidates for higher education and contacting our team is often the first occassion a candidate has contact with an institution such as a state University: we work hard to make it as positive an experience as possible.

Over the course of the year we respond to tens of thousands of questions about terms and mode of the admissions, submitted by the candidates by e-mail, phone and asked in person in our office in the Collegium Novum building. In the summer, during the admissions time, we open additional information stands to respond to the intense demand.

We take care of the foreign candidates, providing them with information in Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian and others as well as referring them to other JU units and organisations such as the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange. Thinking about their needs, since 2012 we open admissions for foreign candidates as early as December.

We keep our websites: (admissions) and (OAS) up-to-date, providing our candidates with information about the course of admissions and about all events related to our study offer's growth. Both websites are fully available in Polish and English. During the year we work with other units within the University on promotional projects focusing on study programmes held at the JU, e.g. representing the University during educational fairs or preparing publications about the admission rules.

We offer support to other employees of the JU who need information about admissions, seek help when using the OAS or are in search of assistance with the administrative procedures concerning admissions, e.g. opening new study programmes.

During the year, we provide the University governance and representatives of the faculties with several dozen statistic reports that describe the current run and state of admissions for given programmes. Once the admission for a given year closes, we prepare a detailed statistical report of its results with reference to previous years. This analysis is helpful for other University units when the decisions about the study programmes run are made. It is used to evaluate admission processes and to design and implement changes in both the OAS and our internal procedures.

Admission support

We offer support for candidates in three languages: Polish, English, and Russian. Each day we reply to e-mail and phone inquiries about study programmes conducted in Polish and in foreign languages, we explain admission rules and help our candidates with registration in the OAS. We solve problems our candidates may have when using the OAS website as well as offer assistance in choosing study programmes suitable to their expectations and plans. Prospective undergraduate students can ask us about the troubles they experience when shifting from secondary school to a higher education institution. We offer special support to foreign candidates who apply for studies in Polish and in foreign languages. There are computers available in our office which candidates can use for registering for studies – if they experience any difficulties, we will help with each stage of the process. This is also the place where one can come and ask us questions about the JU study offer and admission rules in person.

We represent the University during education fairs in Poland and abroad. Our team can be met during events organised at the University, such as the JU Open Day, or during lectures organised for school groups visiting the University. Our experts train other university representatives, should they need specialistic knowlegde about admission procedures at the University.

Keeping the University websites up-to-date in the part related to the admissions ( and is our responsibility. We work with the Department for Promotion and Information on information booklets and other materials related to the admissions.

Admission organisation

We plan and carry out admissions at the JU all the way through, staying in touch with representatives of all of the Faculties at the University. We draft, consult and present projects of university legal regulations regarding admissions as well as create, evaluate and improve admission procedures, including schedule for each year. We provide administrative and legal support for Faculty Admissions Boards and University Admissions Board: starting with their appointment by the Faculty Councils and University Senate, following with training on the admission procedures, organising their work during the admission time, ending with issuing administrative decisions regarding admissions results and then handling the administrative aspects of the appeal procedure.

We manage the OAS database, ensuring its correct operation which is essential for preparation and publication of ranking lists. It is our responsibility that enrolment goes fluently, especially when it comes to qualifying candidates during additional rounds of enrolment and when the objective is to fill all the places available within given programmes. We analyse the processes run during the year and prepare improvement recommendations that are later implemented. The focus is on optimalising centralisation and electronisation of processes related to admissions at the JU.

It is a great concern of ours to make all procedures and the whole course of admissions as transparent and understandable as possible as well as presented to candidates in a friendly way. For almost 60 000 applications we process each year only a few dozen result in appeals (which accounts for less than 0,1% of all registrations). This is an objective – and a very good – assessment of our work given by our candidates.