New study programmes

Information given below applies to admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Highly qualified teaching staff, state-of-the-art lecture halls and laboratories, unique programmes of study, are just some of the reasons why each year candidates from all around the world decide to study at the Jagiellonian University. To meet expectations of ever-changing labour market, the Jagiellonian University every year expands its study offer.

This year the Jagiellonian University study offer will include the following new programmes

undergraduate (first-cycle)

– programmes conducted in Polish:

– programmes conducted in English:

  • Global and Development Studies (Faculty of International and Political Studies), full-time programme

    BA in Global and Development Studies is an interdisciplinary programme, which aims to equip students with fundamental understanding of processes of globalisation in various spheres of human activity: law, politics, economy, history, the social relations, culture and communication. Students gain core knowledge of the very phenomena of globalisation and international development as well as specialise in their various aspects and influence they have on the contemporary world. The programme is structured in such a away that allows students to focus either on a selected part of the world, or specific global problems and challenges.

  • Earth Sciences in a Changing World (Faculty of Geography and Geology), full-time programme

    Is an undergraduate interdisciplinary programme that offers a rigorous international and comparative perspective on the contemporary global system. Its mission is to foster creative thinking about complex global problems and to equip students with the analytical tools and cross-cultural understanding to guide them in that process. The main goal of the programme is to provide basic knowledge in geography, geology and anthropogenic transformations in the environment and their impact on the lives of local communities and global change. Students gain the ability to observe and interpret phenomena and conduct basic analytical work both individually and teamwork. They also develop adaptability to changing socio-economic environment, civic responsibility and independence.

graduate (second-cycle)

– programmes conducted in Polish:

– programmes conducted in English:

  • Asian studies: Korean Studies (Faculty of International and Political Studies), full-time programme

    The curriculum includes courses specific for Asian Studies, specialty: Korean Studies. Specialised courses are in the curriculum from the very first semester. Students are introduced to the specificity of Korean Peninsula in historical, philosophical, religious aspects, and to political and economic processes of the region. Learning the Korean language is the crucial part of the education process. The first year of studies takes place at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and the second – at the Keimyung University. In the second year, students are required to complete the master’s thesis. Graduates shall be awarded two master diplomas in Korean Studies at the Keimyung University and at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

  • cultural studies » Comparative Heritage Studies (COHES) (Faculty of Polish Studies), full-time programme

    This two-year full-time Comparative Heritage Studies (COHES) MA programme offers a wide range of knowledge on cultural heritage in literature, art, theatre, architecture, urban space, and sites of memory, particularly those found in Krakow and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The COHES programme focuses on the multi-ethnic, multinational, multilingual nature of heritage, approaching it from three angles: Digital Heritage, Visual Heritage, and Comparative and Translated Heritage.

  • Drug Discovery and Development (Faculty of Pharmacy), full-time programme

    Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) is a programme focused on all aspects of identifying and introducing new medicines. Its mission is to deliver high-level specialists, equipped with a highly applied scientific basis for discovery and development of novel pharmacotherapeutics, combined with focused, real-life practical skills. This degree provides a solid grounding in pharmaceutical sciences, together with an opportunity to specialize in a particular drug discovery and development area.

  • Environmental Protection and Management (Faculty of Biology), full-time programme

    The Environmental Protection and Management studies are addressed to English-speaking students who seek specialist education in contemporary environmental conservation and natural resource management. Our experienced staff and external high-class experts, possessing well-entrenched scientific achievements, impart deepened and always updated knowledge with focus on team work plus planning and conducting valorisation or monitoring works. The interdisciplinary study programme provides a large number of practical activities in well equipped, modern laboratories as well as during field classes.

  • Intellectual Property and New Technologies (Faculty of Law and Administration), full-time programme

    The programme is developed in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Its main focus is on the following issues: new technologies and patent law; copyright in the digital era; commercial communication in the context of trade marks, designs and unfair competition; data protection, privacy and personal rights on the Internet; Internet service providers’ liability; and more.

  • International Security and Development (Faculty of International and Political Studies), full-time programme

    Studies are completely free for both Polish and non-Polish students. There is also opportunity to offer for foreign students financial support 1500 PLN/month.

    International Security and Development (ISAD) is an international MA programme of studies addressed to Polish and foreign students, mainly from Europe, North America and Asia, and all people who are interested in security and development issues. The programme provides theoretical, specialized knowledge in international security and development cooperation. It aims to foster creative thinking about complex problems of global security and development, as well as to equip students with the analytical tools, language expertise, and cross-cultural understanding. It also helps to gain the professional skills needed for managing global security and development in an international environment.

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