Blue 'S' symbolInformation for Polish citizens and foreigners who apply on the basis of the rules for Polish citizens.Olympiads and competitions

Olympiad: a national (or international) contest consisting of three stages (school, voivodeship, central), where contestants demonstrate exceptional knowledge and abilities in a given subject or discipline. Olympiads may be: subject-related, thematic, or interdisciplinary. The central stage's objective is to name laureates and finalists, who are usually exempt from the Matura exam in a given subject, depending on the olympiad. Read more about olympiads »

Competition: contest on a local, voivodeship, or national level. These may consist of one, two, or three stages. Theme of a competition is closely related to one specific domain. Laureates receive awards in accordance with the competition regulations or the agreement (usually free entry to selected programmes). Read more about competitions »