This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

Blue 'S' symbolInformation for Polish citizens and foreigners who apply on the basis of the rules for Polish citizens.Required documents

Documents required upon registration

Candidates do not have to submit any documents upon registration.

Exceptions are:

  • candidates who hold other secondary qualification obtained abroad for programmes where the results from Matura exam are taken into account have to submit a scan of documents certifying that they have graduated from secondary school and that you have completed final exams equivalent to Polish Matura exam,
  • candidates who hold the maturity exam (stara Matura) for programmes where the results from Matura exam are taken into account have to submit scan of certificate of results from the Matura exam in subject or subjects taken, issued by the OKE or certificate of Central Entrance Examinations results obtained in the previous years,
  • laureate of a competition giving you privileges in admissions (e.g. Konkurs Wiedzy o UJ) have to submit a scan of certificate or diploma confirming this achievement . Note: if you are a laureate or finalist of an olympiad, you should present your diploma upon enrolment. Check the difference between olympiads and competitions.

All of the above should be send at in one file in *.pdf format in deadline specified in the admissions schedule.

Documents required upon enrolment

All admitted candidates have to submit required documents (photocopies with the originals available for inspection) upon enrolment. This has to be done within the given deadline, in person or by an appointed representative, at the office indicated on the OAS form. The documents are:

In certain situations this list may be longer—the complete, detailed list of documents required in various situations may be found at, in study programme cards. 

Additionally, candidates for selected programmes receive a referral for medical examination carried out by the doctor of occupational medicine. Candidates are obliged to submit the certificate issued as a result of this examination to the unit responsible for enrolment, in accordance with dates established in the admission schedule ("dates" tab).


  • Copies are authenticated by the university (the Department of Admissions or students office). Enrolment is possible only if you submit copies authenticated by the university in the student office where you should enrol and if you present originals for inspection. The copies alone—even if authenticated—cannot be the basis for enrolment.
  • You cannot send the documents by email, mail or a delivery company. If you are unable to enrol in person, appoint a representative who will do this in your name. Remember that they will need the complete set of the documents required, including you identification card (or its notarized copy), or the enrolment will not be successful.
  • Information about the enrolment place and date may be found on the OAS website in study programme cards, tabs "Dates" and "Contact". Address of the university unit where the documents should be submitted may also be found of the OAS application form, printed from the OAS account.

Application form printed from the individual OAS account and signed by the candidate (OAS application form)

The application form may be downloaded as a PDF file after filling out the "data for enrolment" form in the OAS account. Log into your OAS account, click on "my registrations", enter the registration card, and fill out the form available in the "data for enrolment" tab. Then proceed to the "required documents" tab and download the application form. Remember to sign it on both sides after printing it out.

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Matura certificate

You will need your original Matura certificate to enrol. Your secondary school leaving certificate is not required. If you have retaken your exam and you have been issued an annex, grades from which you have used in the admission, you will have to submit it upon enrolment, too.

Certificates obtained abroad of Poland. All documents issued in a language other than Polish should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator or by the consul. In case of programmes in foreign languages, the translation may not be required or a translation into another language may be accepted.

Please note! The IB diploma and EB certificate do not need to be translated.

Maturity certificates obtained outside of Poland (except for International Baccalaureate diploma and European Baccalaureate certificate) have to be authenticated with apostille or legalised. If the document is not recognized in Poland by the virtue of law, you should also enclose:

  • the decision on recognition of a foreign certificate issued by the Małopolska Education Officer (Małopolski Kurator Oświaty) or by the education office appropriate for your place of residence in Poland, or
  • a written declaration where you oblige yourself, under the pain of withdrawal from university, to obtain and submit this decision by no later than the end of the first semester of your programme.

Information about the institutions responsible for issuing apostille, legalisation of documents and certificate recognition is available in the International Students part of the website, section "Certificates and diplomas obtained abroad".

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Identification card (in case of foreigners—passport)

You need your personal ID for the enrolment procedure. Please make sure well before you apply that your document is valid. Such documents as: driving license, school ID or student ID are not identity documents and will not be accepted.

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ID photograph

Photograph should be taken without head covering against a light background (according to the guidelines for issuing Polish identity cards—photo dimensions should be 35 mm and 45 mm).

If you already have the JU student ID card, the photograph is not required.

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Certificate from doctor of occupational medicine

Not all study programmes require such certificates.

Only candidates for study programmes where students are at risk of exposure to dangerous, harmful, or noxious factors, upon enrolment receive a referral for medical examination by a doctor of occupational medicine. After enrolment and completing the examination, candidates are obliged to submit the certificate to the unit responsible for enrolment, in accordance with dates established in the admission schedule, and with procedures stated by the office accepting documents. Information about the requirement for medical certificate is available in the "qualification rules" » "formal requirements" tab in study cards in the OAS.

List of medical units with which the Jagiellonian University has signed agreements on medical services supply in respect to conducting medical examination of candidates who may be exposed, either in training or when practising their profession, to noxious, dangerous, or harmful factors, can be found here.

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Further questions?

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