This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

Blue 'S' symbolInformation for Polish citizens and foreigners who apply on the basis of the rules for Polish citizens.Final result calculation

Order on ranking lists is determined by candidates' final results calculated on the basis of:

  • Matura examinations results or
  • time and date of online registration in the OAS (for selected part-time programmes).

Calculation of the final result on the basis of Matura examination results

In case of programmes where the results of Matura examination decide on the place on the ranking list, the final result calculation depends on:

  • qualification criteria established for the programme by the university, and
  • type of secondary qualifications candidate holds.

Qualification criteria are established for each programme separately, describing which subjects and in what number are taken into account in the calculation, as well as their weights.

To see the detailed description of the final result calculation depending on the type of secondary qualifications candidate holds, choose the qualification below:

In addition, selected study programmes may require that the candidate meets formal admission criteria (such as having earned a specific number of points from an exam on the advanced level). Additional entrance examinations, verifying candidate's predispositions for university education, are held for selected programmes (interfaculty individual studies in the humanities and BA in Management taught in German in cooperation with the Reutlingen University) and for holders of other secondary qualifications obtained abroad who apply for psychology (Faculty of Psychology), clinical analysis and pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy) or any programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Detailed information about qualification rules for all programmes may be found on the OAS website at in programme cards, "qualification rules" tab.

Calculation of the final result on the basis of date and time of registration

If qualification rules for a programme state that the order on ranking list is established on the basis of the date and time of online registration, then the final result depends on the exact time of clicking on the "Register" button at the end of filling out the registration form.

Please remember that even though examination results do not determine your position on the ranking list in case of such programmes, you are still required to hold the secondary qualification. Passed Matura exam or equivalent is the basic requirement of university admission.