This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

Blue 'S' symbolInformation for Polish citizens and foreigners who apply on the basis of the rules for Polish citizens.Admissions: step by step

Admission procedures take place online in the Online Application System (OAS)If you are planning your application to one of our programmes, please read the guide below:

1.  Prepare your application

⇢ Find your programme in the OAS and check the requirements.

Visit and find the programme to which you wish to apply in the catalogue (left sidebar). Study programme card includes information about the programme, admission schedule, qualification criteria (description of the method used for final result calculation), list of the documents required, fees, and contact info of the university unit responsible for the programme. The sooner you learn what the admission rules are, the more likely you are to succeed.

 Start preparing your documents.

Check the list of documents required upon registration and upon enrolment. This list might be quite long so it is advised to start the preparation well in advance to avoid mistakes and stress during the registration period.
See the admission schedule and plan for your previous programme final examination accordingly. Remember that you will need to present a document confirming that you are eligible for admission to a second-cycle programme upon enrolment.

2.  Once registration period opens

⇢ Create an OAS account.

The website is not just a study programme catalogue. It is the platform for application submission and you will use it to control your admission process. You may create an account in advance but you cannot use an account created in previous admission cycles since all data from previous admissions is deleted from our system. 

⇢ Fill out forms in your account.

Fill out the personal data and education forms. Remember: it is highly recommended that you provide the university with the correct email address and phone number. This will allow for the admission board to contact you if they have additional information or requests related to your application.

⇢ Register for a programme.

This is the most important step: after you create your account and fill out all required forms, you have to register for a programme. Find your desired programme in the catalogue and click on the orange "Register" button. Follow the instructions on screen.

3.  Admission procedure

⇢ Confirm your registration.

Your application will only be considered by the board if it is confirmed with the application fee. Your transfer has to reach the university by the "Registration and application fee payment" deadline.

Please note that some programmes may require submission of documents for the confirmation of registration.

  • Please remember that your application fee has to be paid in the currency which you have declared upon registration. Each application fee should be paid to a different bank account number which can be found in the "application fee" tab in your registration card.
  • In case of the several programmes where submission of documents is required upon registration: once you register, your OAS application form will appear in your OAS account, tab "required documents". Download it, print it out, sign on all pages and then, together with all documents enlisted, submit it to the address indicated on the first page. Do not put it off until the last moment: documents have to reach the university by the "Registration and application fee payment" deadline.

⇢ Enter your grades.

Fill out the personal data and education details forms in your OAS account. Make sure that all entered data are correct and complete since entering inaccurate data in the OAS may cause the board to deny your admission.

⇢ Take the entrance exam (if required).

If entrance exam is required in the admission ("qualification rules" tab), you will be notified in your OAS account about the place and exact time for your examination no later than two days before the exam date. Look for the notification in the "entrance examinations" tab. Please note that preliminary exam dates are established in the general admission schedule and you can find them in the "dates" tab. Exam results will be published in the same "entrance examinations" tab in your account.

4.  Results

 Check the admission results in the OAS.

On the day specified in the admission schedule as the announcement of the ranking lists you will be notified of the result of your application: look for it in the "my registrations" tab in your account. Full ranking list will be available under the "results" tab in the study programme card in the catalogue.

⇢ Enrol.

Once you are admitted, there is only one, final thing to do left: enrolment. First, go to your OAS account and fill out the "data for enrolment" form. Second, within the given deadline bring the documents listed in the "required documents" tab under the "documents required upon enrolment" headline to the student office and enrol. If you cannot do this in person, you may appoint a representative. Remember: if you do not enrol within a given deadline, the Faculty Admission Board will deny your admission. 

After the admission process closes, you will be issued an official document (letter of acceptance, called "admission decision") which serves as proof of admittance. If you are applying for the social aid and the official letter of acceptance has not reached you yet, contact us and we will issue a certificate of admittance.


  • "Creating an OAS account" is not the same thing as "Registration for a study programme".
  • A diploma obtained outside of Poland has to be enclosed with apostille or legalised. All documents issued in a language other than Polish should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator or by the consul.
  • If you intend to apply for several programmes which hold entrance exams, please note that those exams may fall on the same date or time, especially if they are organised by different faculty committees. We will not be able to hold an exam for you on another day.
  • It is not possible to enrol again to a programme of which the applicant is already a student (full-time or part-time respectively). The decision on admission to the same programme, taught in the same mode, would be a second decision issued in the same subject matter that the previous decision on admission to the programme, on the basis of which the student is currently enrolled, which is in conflict with the Article 156(1)(3) of the Act of 14 June 1960 Code of Administrative Proceedings (Dz.U. 2013.267 j.t.). Therefore a student who intends to apply again for a programme and mode where they are already enrolled should first be removed from the list of students, in particular as a result of their written resignation, and the procedure should be completed by no later than the date of the "Announcement of ranking list".

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

  • I haven't received an activation link after OAS account creation. Can I register for a programme? »

    After you have created your OAS account, an activation link was sent to your email account. If you have not received it, check the SPAM or OTHER folders in your email account. See if the email address in you OAS account is entered correctly. Even without the activation link your OAS account is fully functional and you can use it. Activation enables us to send you email notifications about new messages appearing in your OAS account. If you don't activate your OAS account, the only consequence is that you won't receive any emails from us.

  • Where and when will the results be published? »

    Admission results are publicly available and the ranking lists will be published in the OAS: a new tab called "results" will appear in the study programme card and you will be able to see the results of all applicants. Result of your application will also be published in your individual OAS account on the day indicated in the admission schedule. Please await the publication of ranking lists patiently: they will be published on the website on the day specified in the schedule.

  • My final examination (or dissertation defence) was a few days ago and I don't have my diploma yet, what should I do? »

    Ask you student office for a certificate of graduation. This document should include information about your results (grade average, diploma dissertation grade, diploma examination grade, diploma grade) and their scale. You will be allowed to submit it in place of your diploma.

  • I was admitted: can I send you my documents by mail, delivery company, or email? »

    We are sorry but no, you can't. Documents sent and not submitted in person will not be accepted by the university. An admitted candidate is obliged to come to the university unit responsible for enrolment in a given time and with a complete set of required documents. Enrolment must be completed in person or by a representative appointed by the candidate for the purpose of procedures of enrolment. Power of attorney form may be found here.

  • Where can I find the OAS application form? I don't see it on the website »
    Your OAS application form will only become available in your account once you are admitted to the programme, and when you fill out the "data for enrolment" form. You will find it in the "required documents" tab in the registration card.
  • I was placed on the waiting list, can I enrol anyway? »
    Unfortunately, you may not enrol yet. If you have been placed on the waiting list, remember to frequently check the information published in your OAS account as you may be admitted in place of persons who fail to enrol within their deadline. Remember: your place on the waiting list will not change, what changes is the place of the last person admitted to the programme.

Do you have more questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Department of Admissions at