This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

Blue 'S' symbolInformation for Polish citizens and foreigners who apply on the basis of the rules for Polish citizens.Final result calculation

Order on the ranking lists is determined by candidates' final results calculated on the basis of:

  • grades and entrance exams, or
  • time and date of online registration in the OAS (for selected part-time programmes).

Calculation of the final result on the basis of grades and entrance exams

Results of candidates for the second-cycle programmes are calculated on the basis of eight elements, chosen separately for each study programme.

The list of elements includes:

  1. Diploma gradethe final grade included on the diploma, the final result of participation in the programme (in Polish diplomas usually as e.g. "obtained the final grade: good");
  2. Diploma dissertation (or thesis) grade—grade awarded for the dissertation or thesis presented upon graduation, calculated in accordance with regulations in power at the university of graduation;
  3. Diploma examination grade—the final grade from the defense of the dissertation or thesis, or from a final graduation exam;
  4. Grade average—calculated in accordance with regulations in power at the university of graduation (in Polish diplomas usually included in the supplement or on the certificate confirming passing the final graduation exam);
  5. Interview result;
  6. Test result;
  7. Written examination result;
  8. An additional element (e.g. for chemistry—EChemTest result).

Each second-cycle programme has its own requirements as for the field or domain in which candidates need to have graduated in order to be eligible for admission.

It may also be required to have earned enough credits in a specified domain or field during the previous course of study, or there may be other formal requirements in place.

Qualification criteria may also take a different approach to results achieved by candidates, depending on the field of study in which they have been awarded their diploma. Each candidate indicates clearly upon online registration in the OAS on the basis of what diploma they apply.

You should always refer to the Online Application System for up to date information about programme offer and qualification criteria for all programmes.

Calculation of the final result on the basis of date and time of registration

Some programmes—mostly part-time—have adopted a criterion of date and time of registration as the basis for determining order on the final ranking list. Decisive factor is the exact time of clicking on the "Register" button at the end of filling out the registration form in the OAS (and not the time of university receipt of the application fee).


To check if your Polish diploma meets the qualification requirements (belongs to the required domain or discipline), you can use the Listing of programmes held in the fields on science in the POL-on system (in Polish only).