This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation for all candidates for programmes carried out in Polish and in foreign languages.Admissions: step by step

Admission procedures take place online in the Online Application System (OAS). To take part in the admissions, you have to create an OAS account, enter all data required in the admissions, and register for your programme of choice.

This guide sums up information for all candidates to doctoral programmes: Polish citizens as well as foreigners. Admission procedures are similar in case of programmes in Polish and in foreign languages. You should always check the description of the admission procedure to a programme in their card in the OAS.

If you are planning your application to one of our programmes, please read the guide below:

1.  Prepare your application

Find your programme in the OAS and check the requirements.

Visit and find the programme to which you wish to apply in the catalogue (left sidebar). The study programme card is full of useful information: description of the programme, admissions schedule, qualification criteria (rules for awarding points and full description of procedures specific to a programme), list of required documents, information about possible fees related to the programme, and contact details of the university unit responsible for the programme. Candidates for third-cycle study programmes have to meet a lot of requirements, so the sooner you familiarize yourself with terms of admission, the greater your success chance will be.

 Start preparing your documents.

As a candidate for the third-cycle programme you will be expected to submit a complete set of documents to the admission board as soon as you register. In case of some study programmes, the list is quite extensive. You should begin your preparations early to avoid mistakes and stress during admission period.

Seek a future supervisor.

During doctoral studies you have to be under supervision of a research fellow who holds a degree of at least doktor habilitowany, who is at the same time an employee of the faculty responsible for your study programme. It is a good idea to find such person earlier and discuss your research proposal with them, or at least consult your future research plans. If you already have a supervisor, but this person is not an employee of the faculty where your chosen programme is carried out, you need acceptance from the Faculty Council. Please note that last Faculty Council meetings are usually in June, before the summer break begins, and first meetings for the new academic year may be as late as the last week of September, so it is recommended to make sure that your supervisor is accepted well before you apply.

2.  Once registration period opens

Create an OAS account.

The website is not just a study programme catalogue. It is the platform for application submission and you will use it to control your admission process. Choose "Create an account" link in the upper right corner of the website and proceed accordingly with the instructions on screen. You may create an account in advance but you cannot use an account created in previous admission cycles since all data from previous admissions is deleted from our system.

Candidates who apply for programmes in Polish and who do not hold Polish citizenship should read information about choosing application rules very carefully before creating their OAS account. The choice they make upon account creation affects their eligibility for scholarships and, in case of some programmes, also the shape of the admission procedure. A short guide for application rules is available here

Fill out forms in your account.

Fill out the personal data and education forms. Only after you have confirmed the data in the required forms, you will become able to register for your programme of choice. Remember: it is highly recommended that you provide the university with the correct email address and phone number. This will allow for the admission board to contact you if they have additional information or requests related to your application.

Register for a programme.

This is the most important step: after you create your account and fill out all required forms, you have to register for a programme. Log into your account and find your programme in the catalogue. Click on the orange (or, in case of programmes in foreign languages, blue) "Register" button and follow the instructions.

3.  Admission procedure

Submit documents to the university unit responsible for the programme.

Once you register, an automatically generated OAS application form will become available in the "required documents" tab. Download the PDF file, print it out, sign on all pages and submit it, with all documents enlisted on the last page, to the address indicated on the first page of the form by the deadline described as "Registration" in the admission schedule.  Do not put it off until the last minute: your documents have to reach the university early enough for the admission board to be able to confirm your registration no later that on the last day of the period described in the admission schedule as confirmation of registrations.

Check if your registration is confirmed and read messages from the admission board.

The Faculty Admission Board will review your documents once they are submitted and check if the complete set of documents has been delivered on time. If all required documents have been submitted, the board will mark you registration as "confirmed". However, if there are any uncertainties or problems, they will contact you through the "notifications" module in your OAS account. This is why you need to frequently check information published in your account.

Check information about place and date of the entrance exam.

No later than two days before the day of the exam, information about the place and exact time of your entrance exam will be published in your OAS account. Look for the notification in the "entrance examinations" tab. Please note that preliminary exam dates are established in the general admission schedule and you can find them in the "dates" tab. Exam results will be published in the same "entrance examinations" tab in your account.

4.  Results

⇢ Check the results in the OAS.

Once the exam is graded, admission board possesses all information necessary for determining your final qualification result. On the day specified in the admission schedule as the announcement of the ranking lists you will be notified of the result of your application: look for it in the "my registrations" tab in your account. Full ranking list will be available under the "results" tab in the study programme card in the catalogue.

⇢ Enrol.

Once you are admitted, there is only one, final thing to do left: enrolment. First, go to your OAS account and fill out the "data for enrolment" form. Then, together with all documents enlisted in the "required documents" tab in section "document required upon enrolment", within the deadline you have been given, go to the university unit where you had submitted your documents and enrol. If you cannot do this in person, you may appoint a representative. Remember: if you do not enrol within a given deadline, the Faculty Admission Board will deny your admission.

Important: in case of programmes where doctoral candidates are at risk of exposure to dangerous, harmful, or noxious factors, they will receive a referral for medical examination by a doctor of occupational medicine upon enrolment. By the time specified in the admission schedule they should submit the certificate to the student office. Read more here.

After the admission process closes, you will be issued an official document (letter of acceptance, called "admission decision") which serves as proof of admittance.