This page contains information on admission, which is already closed, for 2018/2019 academic year.

Information given below may change, wherefore we encourage you to visit our website later in order to review qualification rules, admission schedule and list of required documents which will apply to admission for 2019/2020 academic year.

'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation for all candidates for programmes carried out in Polish and in foreign languages.Required documents

After registering for a programme online, the candidate is required to submit or deliver in person a complete set or required documents to the university unit responsible for a programme. A registration cannot be confirmed if this requirement is not met. The list of the documents required is different for each programme.

List of documents required for confirmation of the registration made to a specific programme may be found in the study programme card at in the "required documents" tab.

Below you will find description of documents most frequently included in lists of requirements for doctoral programmes.

OAS application form

This document is required in admission to all doctoral programmes. The OAS application form becomes available in the OAS account once the candidate registers for a programme. It can be downloaded at any time from the registration card in the OAS account, tab "required documents". Once downloaded, it should be printed out and signed on all pages. The address to which the document should be submitted is included on the OAS application form.

Higher education diploma with the supplement or transcript of records (photocopies)

Candidate for a doctoral programme should prove their eligibility for admission to a third-cycle study programme, i.e. possession of the magister (Master) title or equivalent, upon registration. This is why photocopies of the diploma and its supplement (or transcript of records) should be presented at this stage in admission to most programmes.

If the candidate does not yet possess this document upon registration, but they have graduated, they should present a certificate or other official document, issued by the office of the institution from which they have graduated, that will prove award of the title. The document should include information about final grades (grade average, diploma grade, diploma dissertation grade, final examination grade) and about the scale in which they have been awarded.

Certificate of the grade average

In case of programmes where one of the criteria is grade average, documenting its value is very important. If this information is not included in the supplement or on the transcript, the candidate should obtain a certificate from the university office, confirming the grade average.

Important! If you have graduated from a first-cycle programme and, subsequently, from a second-cycle programme (Bologna process), then an arithmetic mean of both grade averages is calculated.

If you do not submit a separate certificate of grade average from the first-cycle programme, this will result in award of zero points for this part of points allocation.

Candidates who have graduated from a long-cycle programme submit one certificate of grade average from the whole course of study.

Reference letter from a research fellow and statement of agreement for doctoral supervision

These are two separate documents. Reference letter from a research fellow holding a doktor habilitowany degree or Professor title is required for the confirmation of candidate's predispositions for undertaking doctoral studies, importance of their academic achievements, academic activities of the future doctoral student etc. The reference letter may be issued by any person meeting the requirement of holding an appropriate academic degree: it may be the former of future supervisor, but this does not decide on the validity of the reference letter.

Statement of agreement for doctoral supervision should be signed by a research fellow employed at the faculty (or a person approved by the Faculty Council) who agrees to be the doctoral supervisor over the course of the doctoral study. It is binding and required by the Regulations for Doctoral Studies.  This means that most faculties require their candidates to find the future supervisor before submission of their application.

Statement of agreement form is available in the "Downloads" section (in Polish only).

Curriculum vitae with academic achievements listed

The curriculum vitae should be prepared as a summary of academic achievements, especially in case of programmes where there is no requirement of research project submission or where academic achievements do not have to be documented. The candidate should present their academic career to date, which will be continued through doctoral studies. There is no official form for this document.

Documents obtained abroad and issued in languages other than Polish

All documents issued in languages other than Polish should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator. The requirement for a translation certified by a sworn translator applies without exception to: diplomas, supplements (or transcripts), certificates of graduation. The admission board may decide to accept certain documents issued in other languages, e.g. certificates of conference speech delivery issued in English, but they are not obliged to do so. In case of doubts whether a document has to be translated, and if the translation has to be certified, please contact the Department of Admissions or the board directly.

Diplomas obtained outside of Poland have to be certifies with an apostille or legalized. Apostille, legalization, and nostrification are required upon enrolment. More information about foreign documents may be found in the "Documents obtained abroad" section.

Certificate from doctor of occupational medicine

Only doctoral candidates for study programmes during which they are at risk of exposure to dangerous, harmful, or noxious factors, receive a referral for medical examination by a doctor of occupational medicine upon enrolment. After enrolment and completing the examination, candidates are obliged to submit the certificate to the unit responsible for enrolment, in accordance with dates established in the admission schedule, and with procedures stated by the office accepting documents.

Information about the requirement for medical certificate is available in the "qualification rules" » "formal requirements" tab in study cards in the OAS.

A list of medical units with which the Jagiellonian University has signed agreements on such medical services supply can be found here.

Other documents

Apart from the documents described above, the faculties specify their own lists of supplementary documents required, such as: conference participation certificates, language certificates, photocopies of published papers, copy of the diploma dissertation, reviews etc.

Please check in study cards what documents are required by the admissions board and prepare your documentation accordingly. The board cannot award points for achievements that are not listed in the qualification criteria, even if they are documented.