'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation for all candidates for programmes carried out in Polish and in foreign languages.Post-diploma offer

Specificity of the mode of study

Post-diploma programmes differ from degree programmes, such as first-, second-, long-, or third-cycle. They may be taken up by graduates from degree programmes and they aim at strengthening employees' professional qualifications, allowing for further specialisation, or simply expanding their horizons. They result in award of post-diploma programme certification.

University offer

The full offer of post-diploma programmes held at the Jagiellonian University is available at www.podyplomowe.uj.edu.pl/oferta and in the programme catalogue at the Online Application System website.

Registration for selected post-diploma programmes is held online in the OAS, and for other programmes—directly at the student office. Information about the admissions mode are available both at www.podyplomowe.uj.edu.pl/oferta and in programme cards in the OAS.

Additional information

Admissions are held for the winter semester, and for selected programmes also for the summer semester. Programmes are from 2 to 4 semesters long. The average tuition is 4500 PLN, and it is paid in instalments per semester. Most post-diploma programmes accept applicants on the basis of time of application or documents submission. Some programmes also hold interviews.

Post-diploma programmes at the Jagiellonian University are supervised by the Office of Competence Improvement:

st. Gołębia 24, room 013
31-007 Kraków
phone (+48 12) 663 10 48
email: agnieszka.1.radwan@uj.edu.pl